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ARCHOS drivers are essential applications for computers using Windows ® 98SE so as to recognize and connect with all devices (such as ARCHOS devices).

All ARCHOS recent products are recognized as external mass storage devices. These protocols, common to the industry, enable recent OS (Windows ®, Mac OS ®, and others) computers to connect with your players, without the need of a driver. Thus, only older versions of OS Windows ® or Macintosh ® require a driver.

Check in the User Guide if your computer does not need specific driver to identify and connect to ARCHOS devices. If you are using Windows ® ME, 2000 or XP, Mac OS 10.2.4 or later, you will not need to install a driver. If you use Windows 98 SE and if the User Guide indicates that your ARCHOS device is not compatible with this OS, you will need to install a driver.

Important note: video players with PlaysForSure (TM) logo are pre-configured to be recognized as a "Windows Device" when connected to your computer. If you do not have Windows ® XP Service Pack 1 or higher AND Windows Media Player 10 installed, then, your computer may ask you to install a driver when you connect it to your player (with USB cable). In this case, disconnect your ARCHOS player, go to "System" ARCHOS and change the "USB" setting to "HDD". Now, reconnect your ARCHOS player to your computer. It is automatically recognized as an external hard drive.


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