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Colorschemer ColorPix

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Colorschemer ColorPix
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, English
Colorschemer ColorPix, known as a color picker, can be an ally to grab the pixel under the mouse. A built-in magnifier can be used to have the value of the users' choice.

Key Features

Information: Colorschemer ColorPix allows knowing the exact number of pixels and the color values available such as RGB, HSB or CMYK. This information can be extracted from a zoom of up to 2800% on the screen for more precision.

Rendering: it also allows users to increase pixel colors on the PC screen and to transform them into different formats. The software is able to provide and to enhance any color displayed on the screen.

Automation: Colorschemer ColorPix can be customized to run at Windows' startup. An option has especially been destined for this option, which can be accessed on the program's Settings.


The utility automatically shows information related to color pixels.

The software is portable; thus, needing no installation.

It can be executed from any device such as a USB or a CD.

Colorschemer ColorPix is a free program.


This tool cannot be launched under Windows 7.


Alternative spelling: colorschemer-colorpix_colorpix_1.2_anglais_122530.exe

Latest update on January 14, 2015 at 08:58 AM.

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