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Open Cubic Player

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Open Cubic Player
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Open Cubic Player is a reader of big musics on platforms 9x / Miss of Windows and BACK. He can read a variety of formats of sound on soudn cards.Nowadays, it supports formats 669, AMS, BPA, CDA, DMF, SHONE, MDL, at the MI, MOD, MP3, MTM, MXM, OKT, PLS, PTM, S3M, SID, UMX, ULT, WAV, WOW and XM. It is compatible with the Climbed up equipments, Sound Blaster (1.0, 2.0, Pro, 16, 32, AWE32, AWE64,series Pro Audio Spectrum, engraver of disc (he writes in format WAV on the disc), silent readers, etc.

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