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2.3 (latest version)
Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Vista - English
Being aware of your tasks and events without having to open the calendar is now possible with Rainlendar. It is a customizable calendar application that can keep all your important events visible on your desktop.

Key Features

  • Events and tasks: directly from your task bar, you can watch at any time the events and tasks that you have entered before. It is interesting since it enables to keep your files better organized and be aware of upcoming events.
  • Alarm: Rainlendar gets you notified before an upcoming event. You are entirely given the choice of the type of alarm to set. You can choose to snooze the alarm if you want to get reminded about it later.
  • Customizable: Rainlendar’s users can change the look and feel of the calendar. They can change the skin or mix one skin with another. You can also choose to have as many windows visible as you want. You may just let visible the most important.
  • Localized: based on the standard iCalendar format (RFC2445), Rainlendar is making transferring the events easily. In addition, the application has been translated to over 50 languages and you can use any language when entering an event.


  • Rainlendar occupies a little space on the HDD.


  • Nothing to report.


Alternative spelling: Rainlendar-lite-2.3.exe, Rainlendar-lite.exe
Latest update on February 6, 2013 at 12:34 AM.
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Its very simple to access. Thank you :)

Main Points Easy to use, flexible and customisable, clear
Weak Infos Can't think of any!
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