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Peacock Color Picker is a pipe to Windows. In addition to the backup of any color, the software has some advanced features. You can edit the color on the fly: the creation of a gradient, RGB color management, the brightness or contrast.

It is user friendly.
It can be used to zoom in on any image.

This application is available in English version only.

A capture system is also involved.
You can generate color codes in Delphi, C + +, Visual Basic or RGB.
It is characterized by assuming a very large number of protocols of color coding.
Fade Out Hiding
Pallet Creation
Movie Capture
Supports Multiple Formats
Picture Loading
Cock donkey
Gradient Selection
Zooming Capture

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Alternative spelling: Peacock%20Color%20Picker-3.11.exe, Peacock%20Color%20Picker.exe

Latest update on February 4, 2015 at 11:17 AM.

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