ASP.NET Ajax Chat

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ASP.NET Ajax Chat
Windows XP Windows 2000 - English
ASP.NET Ajax Chat is a tool for chats. It fits into a user database exists. You can also have direct access. The cross-platform is also possible. The options for moderation and administration are part of the following software: chat filter (anti-insult), anti-flood protection, restricting the number of users per show, shows password protected, multilingual support, connection profile the user on the website.

ASP.NET Ajax Chat supports avatars.
It allows you to customize the options before.

Easy to install and configure
High reliability, scalability and high load support
Smooth end-user experience
Integration with existing user database
Direct log in when integrated with user database
Small, fast, cross-platform

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Not able to handle over 100 users.

Main Points good product
Weak Infos give it as free with sourcode