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Comparing many databases allows to see their differences in order to synchronize them. Database Comparer VCL Delphi XE8 is a program designed by Clever Components for this kind of tasks.

Key features

Comparison: Database Comparer VCL Delphi XE8 allows the comparison of two tables of information even if they use different database management systems. It automatically detects the different structures and displays them on the screen.

Synchronization: By using this software, it is possible to modify the compared database structures in order to have a match. It uses a synchronization algorithm which processes the data so as to have an equal arrangement between the two bases.

Script generator: The synchronization can be done by using an SQL console. Following the comparison, Database Comparer VCL Delphi XE8 has the ability to generate SQL script which will be executed in order to transform database structures.


Database Comparer VCL Delphi XE8 offers different types of comparison modes according to the type of table's information connection.

It also offers the possibility to extract the database metadata.

The user has the opportunity to select which objects to compare.


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