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1.6.2 (latest version)
Mac OS X - English
Monocle is a bar of menu that offers the ability to access quickly to almost all existing search engines. It supports both Google, Wikipedia, Windows Live or Yahoo and over more.

Key Features

Access to search engines: once Monocle is downloaded and installed on the computer, it allows the user to access to various search engines provided by default with the software. They include Google, Yahoo, Windows Live and Wikipedia.

Adding new items: with Monocle, it is possible to add new search engines in complementary with the default ones mentioned above. The user is offered the opportunity to install Bing, Facebook and over more according to his preferences for easier access to them.

Practicality: the main advantage with this program is that it is very practical. It not only allows accessing websites more easily and quickly but it also offers the possibility to switch from a search engine to another. Moreover, performing multiples research tasks on various sites becomes simpler.


Monocle is lightweight and its execution does not impact on the computer's performance.
It is easy to install and to handle and requires no specific knowledge in computing.


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