Nice PDF Compressor

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Nice PDF Compressor
Windows XP Windows 2000 - English

Nice PDF Compressor is a tool for reducing the size of a PDF file that may be taking too much space on a folder or a location on the PC. It is packed with other functions though.

Key Features

Compressor: acting mainly as a compressor, the aim of Nice PDF Compressor is to provide more space in terms of location in which PDF files are stored. It is relying on Flate or RunLenght compression algorithm to obtain a high quality of the output.

Duplicate remover: during the process, Nice PDF Compressor can also analyze PDF objects that may be increasing the size of the latter. Once detected, this tool enables to remove them automatically on the document.

Batch processes: removing duplicates and compressing PDFs can be performed in mass with Nice PDF Compressor. The user can take an entire folder and select to reduce the size of all PDF documents stored therein.


  • Nice PDF Compressor can decompress files to get their original sizes.
  • This size reducer is endowed with a sleek and intuitive interface.


  • Nothing special to report.
Alternative spelling: PDFCompressor-3.0.exe, PDFCompressor.exe
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