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CD Label Designer

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3.6.2 (latest version)
CD Label Designer
Windows XP, Windows Vista, English

For better filing and impressing, either for personal or business purpose, CD Label Designer will help you for that particular job.

Key features

-Use : this software is designed for printing and creating label for CDs and DVDs in a very simple way as the software is not difficult to use at all. Many templates are available in order to make filing easier and more interesting.

-Options : while using this CD Label Designer, you can make labels for jewel case front, inside and back, DVD box, round disk, business card labels and booklets. You can choose the size, the position of the labels you want.

-Personalization : Images, texts either normal or circled and other shapes can be inserted in the labels while using this software which will do all the necessary adjustments for you. Many creations can be made during its use.

-Text styling: changing fonts, colors, styles, and even background are possible to make it more attractive, especially in business world while dealing with product presentations or brochures to the customers.

-Entertainment purpose : It can print labels for music and other compilations. Song titles can be found in just one click. Better images and booklets of any dimension are guaranteed while printing.

-Search : the software can do search in case you want to find about file structure, its directory and any other useful information you want to appear on the label.

System requirements

It works well with Win 95, Win 98, Me, XP, Windows Vista
Memory : 5MB


A shareware that will enhance your creativity in CD labeling matter! It saves your time and makes your filing more practical.


Alternative spelling: cdlabdes.exe

Latest update on August 30, 2012 at 12:52 AM.

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