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SWF Maestro EXE is a program that can generate Flash files. You can create games, software optimizes and makes your interactive tutorials and demonstrations in Flash format. You can secure your Flash file by time limits or characteristics in order to sell them after a period of evaluation. The user must have a validation key to validate your product. The generated supports transparency as defined by opacity.

You can compile your large file into several files in *. dat format.
The tool allows the visualization of the generated file before compilation.

This version expires after 30 days of use.

It supports advanced encryption option in the fight against software extraction media of a Flash file.
You can specify an expiration period for a generated key.
Create your own icon for your application so that your application stands out against other applications on the user's computer.
Applications compiled with SWF Maestro support the full-screen mode.

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Alternative spelling: exesetup.exe
Latest update on November 21, 2016 at 05:21 PM.
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