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Fast File Splitter and Joiner

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Fast File Splitter and Joiner
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, English
Fast File Splitter and Joiner, also known as FFSJ allows splitting a single big file into several small chunks. It is also able to merge these segments into a single one.

Key Features

Splitting : FFSJ offers the ability to separate a file into several parts. It is possible to split it by kilo bytes or megabytes so as to obtain parts with equal sizes. The user is free to place the output directory in the location of his choice.

Joining files : this tool also allows merging multiple files into a single one. The joining process is trouble-free. The user just has to specify all parts and the output file name. The other parts will be found automatically in the same folder as the first.

Miscellaneous: FFSJ can also encrypt data after splitting. The user can then password-protect his files. He can also choose to delete the source file and only keep the split parts or to delete them and keep only the output file.


In order to ensure files integrity, FFSJ is using the MD5 checksum algorithm.
This utility is downloadable for free.


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Alternative spelling: FSJSetup.exe

Latest update on January 28, 2015 at 07:41 AM.

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