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Mantis Bug Tracker

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Mantis Bug Tracker
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MantisBT is a free web-based bug tracking system. It helps in the management of tasks and potential collaborators using PHP scripting language.

Key features

Monitoring: This software is also called Project Manager Software. It gives its user the ability to track existing issue on a project. This may be an event or member management.

Customization: the advantage with Mantis Bug Tracker is that it is possible to change the appearance of notifications to suit the user needs. Indeed, he can personalize his account such as adding preference, managing column and profile.

Notification: after the project has been shared to all the members, the program allows the administrator to notify this if there is any modification newly performed. All members will be advised manually or automatically of all advancement on the project.

Supported format: as Mantis Bug Tracker uses PHP scripting language, it generates a webpage format which is MySQL, MS SQL as well as PostgreSQL. That allows the user to export the data and treats the issue offline.

Adding account: to access the same project, the administrator as well as all the members must create an individual account. This action allows them to modify or to report any issue about the project.


Mantis Bug Tracker is available in open source.
Its graphical interface is available in over than 50 languages.


A minimum of knowledge is required to use this application.


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