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Windows XP Windows Vista - English

Aerosnap is a tool for customising desktop display. From simple handlings, it is possible to completely modify desktop files appearance.

Key Features

  • Modifications: this program is able to change the size of each desktop with some mouse clicks. It can also move some files and can work simultaneously with many screens.
  • Easy handling: this tool has been developed in such way that it is simple to handle. For this, the drag and drop technique which is mainly used to move a folder or a file has been added to commands.
  • Configuration: the user is free to determine actions which are relative to each manipulation that has been done with the mouse. This makes its operations easier and increases Aerosnap features speed handling.


  • It is easy to start up and supports all Windows types of files.
  • This tool can be totally downloaded for free.
  • Its interface is simple and ergonomic.


  • Nothing to report.
Alternative spelling: aerosnap_0_61_setup.exe
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