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Apache OpenOffice Mac (64 bit)

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4.1.8 (latest version)
Apache OpenOffice Mac (64 bit)
Mac OS X - English

OpenOffice is the most famous alternative to Microsoft Office.

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Wednesday November 4, 2020
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October 28, 2021

OpenOffice is an easy to use Office Suite that can even be used instead of the famous Microsoft Office. Click on the green button for the Apache OpenOffice download (Mac).

Key Features

  • Spreadsheet tools: Apache OpenOffice has a spreadsheet tool that functions as if you are working on Microsoft Excel. With OpenOffice Calc, you can create folders and manage them. It allows you to calculate, organize and represent data in a tabular form. It even gives you the ability to import or export information, etc.
  • Word processing: Apache OpenOffice offers its OpenOffice Writer, to help you in your word processor. In fact, you can easily enter text, adjust layouts and save them.
  • Overview: to make using it easier, it provides you with OpenOffice Impress which will serve as a tool for editing presentations, add animations and texts, etc. This is similar to working with Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Database: for your forms, queries, short, everything about database, this software offers the OpenOffice Base. It is an environment that looks like Microsoft Access. With it, you can create, edit and save your databases with ease.

Is Apache OpenOffice Free?

You can use and download OpenOffice for free.

Apache OpenOffice Compatibility

The download link on this page is for Mac users. There is also a version for Windows.

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