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5.7 (latest version)
Windows XP Windows Vista - English

This software is specially designed for women. This is actually a program that allows them to know very exactly the key dates of their menstruation. The tool is called 4WomenOnly.

Key Features

  • Monitoring of the menstrual cycle: 4WomenOnly is an application that can be very useful for women since it helps to determine each stage of menstruation. For instance, it can estimate the date of ovulation. Women, aware of their ovulation, can avoid unwanted pregnancy. But this estimate can also be beneficial for those who want to have a child since they will know the date they have greater chance to conceive a baby.
  • Details: the software can determine the dates of your next period or ovulation period. And apart from that, 4WomenOnly can also show users the precise details of each menstrual cycle. It can display last day before menstruation, probability of conception (a percentage), low fertility days, etc.
  • Baby’s sex: what is interesting about this application is that it can even help you choose the sex of your baby by indicating the days when you can conceive a boy or a girl. In addition, it also gives you the expected date of giving birth based on the date of conception.
  • Accuracy: insofar, as this program takes into account your personal data, calculations obtained are quite accurate. You can export and print details that are password protected.


  • 4WomenOnly gives reliable results.
  • This is the latest version.


  • It does not apply to women with irregular menstrual cycle.
Alternative spelling: 4WomenOnlySetup.exe
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