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PC Decrapifier

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3.0.1 (latest version)
PC Decrapifier
Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 10 - English
Generally speaking, new computers natively integrate programs and applications. If you want to delete them, just use the PC Decrapifier. It helps to remove programs and unecessary items and icons that can be the cause of your computer slowing down.

Key Features

  • Remove applications: PC Decrapifier's main function is to remove applications that have been pre-installed in your computer. This software permanently removes programs without leaving a trace. Whether they are Office suites, toolbars that are no longer used or demo versions of antivirus software, PC Decrapifier erases them easily. In this way, it will free up more disk space.
  • Adding and updating: apart from this deleting function, PC Decrapifier can also update other programs. This can be useful since it removes the software you do not need to add but, in the contrary, lets you add those that should be used. To do this, simply visit its list to see the various updates.
  • Supported software: since it is a software meant to add programs, PC Decrapifier supports, among others, QuickBooks Trial, NetZero Installers, Earthlink Setup Files, Corel Photo Album 6, Internet Tiscali, Wanadoo Europe Installer Get High Speed Internet!, Internet Service Offers Launcher Dell Search Assistant, Norton Ghost 10.0, Norton Symantec Live Update MS Plus Photo Story 2LE, MS Plus Digital Media Installer, McAfee, and Norton Internet Security.


  • PC Decrapifier is effective and available for free.
  • It is very lightweight.
  • This is the latest version.


  • Nothing to report.
Alternative spelling: pc-decrapifier-3.0.1.exe, pc-decrapifier.exe
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