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WorkgroupShare for Outlook

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WorkgroupShare for Outlook
Windows XP Windows 7 Windows 8 - English

WorkgroupShare for Outlook is a tool which enables the user to share data via Outlook. This software does not require an exchange server for this process. Below are the details.

Key features

Sharing: After installing the program, it is possible to share data like calendars, notes or emails. Outlook will synchronize its documents with the program's server. This is why an exchange server is not needed. The documents are now available to an administrator.

Meeting organization: It is sometimes difficult to find the right time for everyone to be free for a meeting. As WorkgroupShare allows the user to see other's calendar, the Free/Busy server will locate that free time for every users.

Security: Not all members can have access to the data. The user can define who and which folders one is allowed to view. He can for instance create a public folder to make it clear for everyone. Several levels of access may be granted.


The program is easy to install and to use.

With all the accessible information, it allows to reinforce the user's collaborations requirements.


This is a trial version of WorkgroupShare for Outlook.

Alternative spelling: ws-2.3.2.exe, ws.exe
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