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SimpleOCR is a software that allows to recognize the characters in a document scanned from a paper version. It avoids the user having to type texts in their entirety.

Main features

Recognition: the opus is equipped with technology of optical recognition of characters with 99% accuracy. The identification of the words is facilitated by a rich integrated dictionary of over 120 000 words. This feature includes the batch method for treating documents by batch.
Retention: SimpleOCR is able to keep several elements in the document. This option is valid for the original layout and formatting of texts such as size fonts, italics, or fat. Images can also be captured and held.
Extraction: tool to extract only text without the formatting. It is possible to target a particular area of the document, be it a column, a note or just a paragraph.
Optimization: for documents that are not net, SimpleOCR provides a dust filter to clean them. Another strong point of this software, it is its ability to detect possible errors in the texts, making it easy to replay.


Ability to add oneself to words in the built-in dictionary.
This program recognizes the words in English and french.
This software is freely downloadable.


The interface is not presented in french.


Alternative spelling: InstSocr.exe

Latest update on June 2, 2015 at 10:54 AM.

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