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1.49 (latest version)
Windows XP Windows 2000 - English

It is obvious that downloading music or video from the Internet can take too much time, especially if you do not have the adequate tools. BitComet is a P2P client that works with the popular BitTorrent protocol to download files quickly.

Key Features

Being a powerful P2P client compatible with BitTorrent, BitComet allows to download videos simultaneously. Thus, there is no risk of losing time during downloads. For a maximum of speed download, the software also gives users the ability to select the videos to download. In this way, the videos are no longer to seek when you want to download it. In addition, you can perform a recovery in the download after an interruption. Other features like chat or disk cache are also feasible with the program. This makes it very convenient. What is interesting with BitComet, is that it is possible to set the speed of the download. In case the user does not want the download to consume too fast Internet connection, it is quite possible to limit the download speed. Of course, this software allows you to preview files before or during downloading.


  • There are plenty of features despite its basic interface.
  • It is available in several languages including French.
  • This is the latest version and is entirely free.


  • It is has problems with BitTorrent protocol and private flag.
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