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Vilma Registry Explorer

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Vilma Registry Explorer
Windows XP Windows 2000 - English

Vilma Registry Explorer is an utilitary program that can be used as an alternative to Windows registry editor. But in contrast to the latest, it features more options.

Main features

Easy to access: With Vilma Registry Explorer , the access to the Windows registry is made quicker and easier, without having to go through the long process of the start menu. It gives detailed as well as general overviews of every register and it is fully customizable.

Edition: Vilma Registry Explorer enables the user to edit and register database the way it is done with other progrmas, ie right-click based. New keys and values can be created, entries can be deleted, elements can be renamed, the user can import or export data, and more.

Quick search: With this software, the user will be able to avoid having to go through the whole structure to get to a precise point. Simply enter the full name or part of it in the research field for the results to instantaneously appear.

Favourites: To save time, Vilma Registry Explorer supports marking certain registers as favourites. All the frequently used registers, for example the ones used for system optimization or maintenance, can thus be available from the same place.

Undo function: As registers are important parts of the system, each modification will have an incidence on its functionning. If eventually an entry has accidentally been deleted, the undo function can cancel the last action.


Very useful.


Nothing in particular.

Alternative spelling: regexp.exe
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