DataNumen CAB Repair

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2.1 (latest version)
DataNumen CAB Repair
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DataNumen CAB Repair, formerly known as Advanced CAB repair is conceived to repair CAB files which have been damaged. This program recovers as many data as possible.

Key Features

  • Repairing: the program scans .Cab files which has been broken and retrieves the sane data. For this, the user has to specify the archive to be processed, choose the destination folder, and then launch the scan and the recuperation. By the end of the operation, he can open the restored file with a compatible application.
  • Archives types: most of CAB files compression techniques are supported by DataNumen CAB Repair. It works with those which have been created with Microsoft Cabinet, MSZIP, LZX or Quantum.
  • Adding files: it is possible to drag and drop the files on the interface. The software can absolutely be integrated to Windows Explorer allowing direct process of archives from contextual menu.


  • The program integrates batch mode for archives processing.
  • It repairs CAB archives located in storage media such as CDROMs or floppy disks.


  • Recoverable files cannot be saved with this shareware version.
Alternative spelling: dcabr-2.1.exe, dcabr.exe
Latest update on September 2, 2019 at 06:50 PM.


Great product!