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Taskbar Repair Tool Plus! an only valid software for Windows XP is.

He allows you to personalize the task bar, the zone of notification and the bar of quick launching.

In spite of the making that it is in English, its interface is clear and simplified.


Different options offered by Taskbar Repair Tool Plus! are:

Task bar :

Make reappear the bar of tasks (suddenly disappeared)
Rekindle grey option " bolting of the tasks bar "
Make re-appear the active windows in the tasks bar
Reduce the size of buttons and icons
Restore style XP by default
Intoxicated bars would like power
Abolish specific bars / all bars
Abolish icons system be able the Bar of the Office
Deactivate the contextual menu of the tasks bar
Abolish the tasks bar and the menu start of the Control panel
Deactivate the right click> Ownership on the tasks bar
Lock size and position of the bar
Abolish options Open / Explore / Search during a right click to start
Abolish options Open all users / Explore all users
Hide or show the tasks bar
Repair the views of icons of the tasks bar
Hide or show the button Start
Restore the tasks bar in his position by default
Deactivate option " Grouping of the similar buttons "
Repair, deactivate or speed up the administrator bar.

Zone of notification :

Hide or show all icons
Hide or show the inactive icons
Abolish the ancient icons
Show the missing icons
Restore or abolish the clock
Deactivate the bubbles of notification
Abolish the Zone of Notification
Abolish icons "selective" (also of the utility of shape system / of the Register)
Deactivate the message of alert disc space

Quick launching bar :

Can' t Create Toolbar Error Message (Create)
Can' t Create Toolbar Error Message (Repair)
To Recreate the icon to show the Office
Abolish the bar of quick launching
Safeguard the order of the bar of quick launching
Add specific links automatically to the bar of quick launching
Define a bar of quick launching by default for every new user


Alternative spelling: taskbarrepairtoolplus!, taskbarrepairtoolplus!.zip
Latest update on January 15, 2015 at 02:19 PM.
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