Crystal Clear is will change entirely the appearance of your Windows XP by changing files system.
The pack ice Crystal Clear inserts a visual style which will bring the sweetness in your Windows. To answer all your wait, this style is declined in several modes. So you have the choice between a style Aero or Classic, Tux or button Windows,a bar of traditional or fine tasks.


The modification of files system allows to change the appearance of Windows in depth. And it passes of course by the modification of icons.The Crystal Clear brings his small lot of additional software. For instance you will be able to change the color of your files to spot an important file better and why not adopt a splendid Warehouse on your office to organize your shortening in a smart manner?

As modifications are included English folders system, basic options use no means in practice!

No need to panic! The Crystal Clear inserts a new control panel! You decide on software to be speed up or not, and if you want to find good old Windows XP your, it is enough to uninstall the pack ice!

Attention this pack ice is not compatible with versions 64 bit (x64) of Windows XP.


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Latest update on June 8, 2015 at 03:48 AM.