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Inventory invoicing and stock control management

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7.03.433 (latest version)
Inventory invoicing and stock control management
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, English
Manager sometime wonders whether it is worth using accounting software for his job or just let it as ordinary as possible. Inventory invoicing and stock control management as a finance software, helps you integrate the changing world business.

Key Features :

-e-commerce : You can now sell your products on Internet. Moreover, you have the possibility to choose some possibilities of e-commerce. This facet of the software offers a lot of prospects for the sales manager.

-Managing payments : The software detects the unpaid invoices by clicking the « Not paid »Button. While using the software, you can get the full list of your customers, suppliers and collaborators including all probably information about your common activity.

-Reminders : There are many parameter settings such as interests and dunning charges. You can even customize the text depending on your needs.

-Sharing information : Documents saved on your PC are into HTML formats and therefore can be sent by e-mail.

-Statistics : The application can easily calculate ratios only in one click. Thus, decision makers have indicators such as profit margin, expenses, income, and sales turnover to evaluate their business.

-Thanks to Inventory invoicing and stock control management, you can also manage your team at distance via internet. The application is based upon a Client-server system that gives you full control of your business wherever you are.

System requirements :

-Memory : 512 MB
-Operating systems : it only runs on Windows 98- Windows 2000-windows XP- Windows Vista or Windows 7
-Processor : Pentium 550
-Hard Drive : 16.1Mo of available hard drive space

Pros :

-The software is multi-lingual.
-It is very practical for international companies.

Cons :

-The software is only a shareware, if you need its complete features you have to download the application on their official website.


Alternative spelling: easyforyou.exe

Latest update on August 14, 2012 at 08:32 AM.

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