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All Home Inventory

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All Home Inventory
Windows XP Windows 2000 - English
Management tool is always useful at home. CyberNiche Software has created the program All Home Inventory to help the user in the organization of his home personal stocks.

Key features

Adding data: By using this software, the user has the possibility to note all he has. He can type all the necessary information about an item like its description, the label or the purchase date. Inserting pictures is also feasible.
Classifying: All Home Inventory also enables the user to classify the items by different categories. These are used to put an order in the information of recorded objects. He can add or delete as well as modify them any time. Report: This tool can produce a report related to the actual status of the inventory. It is customizable allowing the user to predefine the information he wants it to display. He can save as well as print it if needed.


All Home Inventory offers the user a context sensitive help to assist the user with its manipulation. It helps keeping track of items in case of robbery or fire in the house.


This is an evaluation version.
Alternative spelling: allhome.exe
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