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Auto Mail Sender

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Auto Mail Sender
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2000 Windows 7 Windows 8 - English
Auto Email Sender Standard Edition is a simple application for sending emails at a specified time. A built-in email can be send daily, weekly or yearly.

Key Features

  • Email scheduler: on the main interface of this program is displayed all necessary menu items available as an email sender. There, the user can write text, save and edit it. The schedule setter for its turn gives all options to automatically send the message.
  • Macro editor and manager: both the pre-defined and the user-defined macros can be managed by the user. But in terms of editing, only those that are custom ones can be changed. Anyway, both can automatically be categorized by Auto Email Sender Standard Edition.
  • Import and export data: specified AMSSE data can be backed up to other path. The aim is to recover them in case of system failure. Importing them can be performed with Auto Email Sender Standard Edition via simple few clicks.


  • Auto Email Sender Standard Edition supports attachments.
  • This tool can work with SSL/TLS security connection.


  • This version is limited in features.


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