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PDF Signer

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PDF Signer
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PDF Signer is a software designed by Secure Soft. Its main function is to allow users to sign their PDF documents before sharing them over the Internet via x.509 digital certificates.

Key Features

Customizable signatures: this program offers the user the ability to configure the appearance of digital signatures. It allows setting the appropriate position and the aspect on the document's pages. It is possible to have only the first or the last page signed if needed be.

Additional information: PDF Signer also allows its users to add other useful information to PDF files depending on their needs. The user can insert the date of creation, the place where it has been written or the last time it was edited.

Permanent digital signatures: the particularity of PDF Signer is the fact that it offers the possibility to apply permanent signature to PDF documents. Thanks to RFC 3161, it allows verifying the signature even if the signer's certificate is expired.


This application offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface.


This trial version is valid for 15 days.


Alternative spelling: PDFSigner-8.5.msi, PDFSigner.msi
Latest update on December 19, 2014 at 03:50 AM.
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