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Laptop Alarm

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2.2.3 (latest version)
Laptop Alarm
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2000 - English
It may happen that you have to leave your computer for a while. Laptop Alarm is an application allowing to protect your computer via alarm and functions when you are not by it.

Key Features

  • Alarm: the application emits a very loud and deafening sound when the power cable is unplugged, when the mouse is removed and also when the laptop is shut down. Once, someone tries to touch or to steal your laptop, it automatically calls for your attention. You can hear the sound if you are some meters away.
  • Laptop disabling: once the alarm starts, Laptop Alarm also blocks the laptop functioning correctly. For that, it will trigger passwords and control series of parameters to check if the computer is in other people's hand or not. It can also disconnect the USB connection if someone tries to move the mouse.
  • Deactivation: if you want to deactivate the alarm and restore laptop's function, all you have to do is to enter the password in the main window of the application and that is all. You start re-use your PC.


  • Laptop Alarm can move thieves away.
  • It protects laptop equipment such as batteries, usb-sticks and others.
  • It works in stealth mode.


  • It could be embarrassing if someone touches it accidentally.
  • A paid registry is required to use the application.


Alternative spelling: LaptopAlarm-2.2.3.exe, LaptopAlarm.exe

Latest update on November 20, 2016 at 06:36 PM.

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ummm.....perhaps it would be a good idea to hire a translator?....or use one freely available online........I rarely wear a helmet while I'm using my laptop but.......
it is bad when it say press enter and you do it dose nothing.
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