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Decision Assistant Model Excel is as software which has been designed by Bizpep. This tool can help the user in decision making and determine an impact of his company.

Key features

Calculation: This software has a powerful calculation module which allows the user to consider possible results of a decision. It can also give him the probability, the average custom, the profitability and many more.

Estimation: Decision Assistant Model Excel uses an estimation method for the decision feedbacks as well as the associated costs. The outputs can cover up to 12 months and the estimations are represented in the form of tables and graphs.

Results: The giving results are included with a curve of an output decision, cash flow scenarios, a risk profile and a sheet for actions that need to be performed. It is possible to quantify the results and relating them to the decision taken.


Decision Assistant Model Excel has a helping tool which can be used in the company planning, the budgeting, setting of different goals, investment analysis and operational improvement.

Its interface is ergonomic.


This is a shareware version.


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