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Quorum Call Conference Software

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Quorum Call Conference Software
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8 - English

Quorum Telephone Conference Server is a phone conference server that runs on Windows Operating System. The number of people authorized on the conference depends on the user's bandwidth.

Key Features

  • Call conference: the user can select to start the conference directly on the main interface. He will have to give a secure number to all participants so that they can join the conversation. A virtual room is displayed via a Web browser.
  • Management: via the intuitive interface, sorting all conferences and all participants can be done easily. There is already an option that can display the list of all conferences that can be viewed and saved. A document can be uploaded to the table so that all participants can view it.
  • Settings: Quorum Telephone Conference Server can be configured to start automatically at Windows startup. There is another option that is a little special named On-Hold Music. This function can Pause a played music during the conference and continue it after.


  • Quorum Telephone Conference Server is simple and efficient.
  • It is simple to install.


  • This shareware is operational for 14 days only.
Alternative spelling: qsetup.exe
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