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1st Screen Lock

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1st Screen Lock
Windows XP, Windows 2000, English
To protect data against piracy on PC, there exists software for effective protection. 1st Screen Lock is a program especially designed to secure the computers on Windows platforms. It enables to password-protect desktop for security sake.

Key Features

  • Access: 1st Screen Lock 's main function is to allow or deny access to the computer for each user. It is possible to assign an account for all users to have their own office, menu, favorites, system and much more.
  • Restriction: for each profile, the administrator can restrict access to several functions such as control panel, network, printer, display, games, browsers, and much more. You can also disable the Start menu, the guest DOS, the taskbar, etc.
  • Password: so that other users can change the settings made by the administrator, 1st Screen Lock provides an opportunity for it to generate a password. Security restrictions can be applied to target users or everybody.


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