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StartUp Delayer

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StartUp Delayer
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8 - English
StartUp Delayer allows accelerating the startup of the computer. Thanks to this tool, the user has no more need to wait for several minutes before he can use the PC.

Key Features

Delaying application: in order to make the computer start faster, StartUp Delayer offers the ability to delay the launching of some minor applications. By this way, they do not slow down the computer by consuming its resources.

Settings: the user is free to define which programs have to be delayed and which ones would run at the PC startup. To do this, he is given access to a control panel where he can set this order.

Managing processes: StartUp Delayer has also a specific option where to manage program's processes. It is possible to delete specific ones from the list of those that run at the computer startup. Stopping running processes is also allowed.


StartUp Delayer offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface.
It is easy to handle and requires no particular knowledge in computing.


There is nothing special to report.


Alternative spelling: startup-delayer-v3.0b363.exe

Latest update on March 20, 2015 at 02:56 AM.

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