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Adding subtitles to a video file becomes easier with this software named VOBSub. Simple, easy to use and lightweight, it provides you with all tools you may need for making your video file available in other language.

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  • Subtitles: as said above, dealing with subtitles issues is VOBSub’s main purpose. Indeed, it allows you seamlessly insert subtitles to a video file with a few clicks. The software comes with an intuitive graphical user interface for anyone to be able to use it.
  • Supported formats: VOBSub supports subtitles in SUB formats and AVI as well as DIVX formats for the video. For you to quickly embed text in your video file, you only need to put both video and the SUB format file in the same folder, and identically name them.
  • Suitable video player: as VOBSub uses VSFilter.dll library as filter, all DirectX and DirectShow based player will display SUB format subtitles since it is specifically meant for SUB files decoding. Thus, player such as Windows Media Player, VirtualDub, AviUtl and Avisynth will show subtitles you have embedded.


Alternative spelling: VobSub_2.23.exe
Latest update on November 20, 2016 at 06:13 PM.
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I couldn't make it work on win xp
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Monday April 28, 2008
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July 19, 2012

Main Points It is compatible with all video players.
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