In our advanced technological age, wireless technologies are likely the most used and reliable data transmission method. Indeed, it provides mobility and more secured use. However, some still reach how to crack Wi-Fi connection, and that is why software such as WIFI Key Generator has been developed.

Key features

  • Protection: WIFI Key Generator is single purpose software which is intended to protect your wireless network. Due to that, the number of option is quite few as the program is focused only on secure key generating. This program primary interest is to meet inspiration lack, while setting WIFI Network password and an encrypting complex key is necessary to make sure that your network will not be hacked.
  • Supported protocols: WIFI Key Generator supports all existing WI-FI Protocol whether it is a WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) or WPA/PASK (WIFI Protected Access) protocol. And when you want to get a key, you just need to specify your networks protocol.
  • Convenient: what makes it convenient is its ability to generate 4 kinds of key: to 64 bits to 256 bits. The choice depends on WLAN’s request. For example, if it requests a key of 40 bits, the program generates 64 bits. Moreover, it gives the ability to enter entire sentence (63 maximum) as password then WIFI Key Generator will convert it to key or bit.


  • It is a Freeware.


  • Nothing special to report.


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