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EMS Data Comparer for MySQL

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EMS Data Comparer for MySQL
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2000 Windows 7 - English

EMS Data Comparer for MySQL is a tool for comparing and synchronizing the structure of database. The user can make it manually or let the software do the tasks automatically.

Key features

Comparison: The program allows the user to compare objects between databases even on different servers. He also has the choice between comparing all objects or just the selected ones. Comparing the properties only is also doable.

Synchronization: EMS Data Comparer for MySQL can also synchronize data on different servers like with the comparison. The user is also free to do this by himself, or let the software do this automatically by using the Console Application.

Results: This utilitarian is able to give results of the process. They are shown with details which allow the user to easily view the differences between two or more databases.

Reports: EMS Data Comparer for MySQL offers the possibility to save the reports of the comparison and synchronization. The user can also print them if needed. He is allowed to set the reports mode with the Report Designer tool.


The user is able to work on different projects at once.

The program is available in different languages.


This is a trial version of EMS Data Comparer for MySQL.

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