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ASI FrontDesk 2010

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2010 (latest version)
ASI FrontDesk 2010
Windows 7 - English

Important:This software is no longer supported and the editor is no longer in business

ASI FrontDesk 2010 is a program hosted by Free Hotel Software which enables the user to manage his hotel/motel. It offers several features helping the hotel manager to make his tasks easier.

Key features

Booking: With this option, the user will be able to see the number of rooms available in his hotel. He just has to click on the free one, enter the reservation date, the time in/time out, and the guest information. Then he can save the reservation.

Payment: ASI FrontDesk 2010 offers the possibility to register the detailed customer's payment. Most of all, it permits the payment with credit cards. But the user's clients can also pay cash if they want, he can always register the amount paid.

Room Exchange: Even though it was registered previously, it is always possible to exchange guest's room according to their requests. The user just has to exchange all the information by copying it to the other room. The rate type can also be edited if needed.


ASI FrontDesk 2010 is downloadable for free.

It is available in different languages.


The other various optional integration modules are not for free.


Alternative spelling: fhs2010.exe
Latest update on December 13, 2017 at 05:46 PM.
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its is not working with windows7
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