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WinDS Pro is emulation software which includes the majority of the best emulators of the Nintendo Gameboy. It also recognizes the ROMs of the games and offers the emulator suitable for their execution.

Main features

Nintendo DS emulation: WinDS Pro to play Nintendo DS games on a computer. Further-more, it offers the choice of the emulator to run. This allows the user to experiment with different experiences for any one given game.

Emulation of the Nintendo Gameboy: the software includes several older Gameboy from Nintendo emulators, including the Gameboy and Gameboy Advance. It allows to replay to the great games of the past, and even find the small black and white screen.

Default emulator: this feature assigns an emulator as being the default emulator. She then opens a DS Rom by double-clicking but requires the opening of the emulator for other formats.

Update: at the close of the program, the user is automatically redirected to the web page of WinDS Pro. He is then invited to decide to look for updates or to completely close the program.


Possible multiplayer mode according to the running emulator.


Nothing in particular.

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