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Efficient Diary

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3.81 (latest version)
Efficient Diary
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2000 Windows 7 Windows 8 - English

Efficient Diary is an electronic organizer that includes a powerful text editing tool. It is practical and easy to handle.

Main features

Agenda: as a newspaper, the user is entitled to insert different notes and reminders in Efficient Diary. Added markings will be preserved as what until a deletion occurs. A schedule accompanies this tool to facilitate tracking by date.

Organization: to avoid scatter of inputs notes, the program offers an effective management tool. The process may follow different criteria selected by the user as the dates or the importance of the event marked. A color coding system is made available to customize the organization.

Viewer: to assist the user to not get lost in its data, Efficient Diary provides a visualization in the form of table or card option. The tool is constantly updated based on the information included in the database.

Protection: what distinguishes Efficient Diary compared to its counterparts, it is that it can secure all data it contains. The protection system is based on the entry of a password or the use of a powerful algorithm of encryption SHA at the option of the user.


It is a freeware.


No special mention to do.

Alternative spelling: EfficientDiaryPro-Setup-3.81.exe, EfficientDiaryPro-Setup.exe
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