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2.0.1 build 84
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7, English
HkSFV is a tool that allows checking the validity of a file downloaded from internet. It helps proving if there is a potential virus or spyware within the file.

Key Features

Validating files integrity: HkSFV relies on powerful and reliable technology to validate the integrity of files that have been downloaded. It uses CRC-32 AND MD5 method to perform such task and to ensure that there is no harmful content.

Analysis: HkSFV offers the ability to analyze a file to check the presence of potential spyware or adware or to prove its validity. The result of this analysis process is provided within few seconds only.

Batch mode: the advantage with this software is the fact that it is able to scan multiple files at a time. This allows the user to save precious time as he has not to proceed with files one by one.

Reports: it is possible to obtain a detailed report once a scan is done. The user can view for example counts of missing, bad or good files after analyzing a directory. He can also obtain various statistics according to his needs.


HkSFV supports drag-and-drop of files to its interface for easier handling.
It is fast and can provide results of a scan process in few seconds.


There is nothing special to report.


Alternative spelling: hkSFVsetup-2.0.1 build 84.exe, hkSFVsetup.exe

Latest update on March 20, 2015 at 03:00 AM.

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