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1.03 (latest version)
Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Vista - English

Need to count sentence length, phrase and words for your Word documents? myWordCount can help you in this case. It facilitates examining your documents for word, phrase, and sentence usage.

Key Features

  • Word frequency counter: the tool can count the usages of every word in a given document. It enables to quickly sort the list and select any word. Then, you can highlight all occurrences of that word in the document.
  • Phrase frequency counter: myWordCount can also count up the usage of every 2, 3, 4, or 5-word phrase in a given document. As for the word, you can highlight all occurrences of that phrase in the document.
  • Sentence counter: with the application, users can both tot up sentence start phrase and sentence length. Once counted, they are sorted and the user can then view the document and use the research later on.
  • Printed report: myWordCount can produce a printed report of all tables of word and phrase usage. The report also includes the sentence length graph. You are given choice whether to store the report in a specified folder on the computer or in the HDD or print the document.


  • myWordCount can be very helpful to help find repetitive words and phrases, or long sentences.
  • This new version can read RTF files, websites or pasted text and MS Word files.


  • It can only display a limited number of words and phrases.
Alternative spelling: myWordCountInstall.exe
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