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Unit Converter Lite

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Unit Converter Lite
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Unit Converter Lite 1.0 is a program that has been launched by Elkens Software, and has been produced in different versions. The Unit Converter Lite 1.0 allows anyone to make a quick and easy conversions needed in everyday life and are at hand within a mobile phone. This intuitive software is most useful for those specialized in Physics or Maths domain, as it allows one to get the proper conversions through such units as temperature, mass, measurements, time or area.


• The database proposed by the program can easily be modified by anyone, depending on the factors that are at use.
• You can even if you want add other plug in programs that will allow you to add new units or factors and use them within the phone itself


• Everything you need is at hand. You will not have to browse through the web anymore in search of table conversion programs.
• It is all in one, so no one has to get the different programs from other softwares.
• Easy to use and comprehend, anyone will be able to use them without any problems
• This program will even allow you to make print outs of the conversions when they are needed. Thus if you have a problem either logging in your mobile phone or whatsoever, you will get them printed up near you.
• There are many categories that you can make use of, but they are available in the full version of the program.


• It is a shareware, hence, the version that you will have at hand is only a demo. If you want to have the full version of it, you should register to get the full version of the program.

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