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BS1 Accounting

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2008.5 (latest version)
BS1 Accounting
Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Vista - English
BS1 Accounting is a finance software that apprehends international activity. The treatment of different currencies often alters your reporting. This parameter is generally neglected though it makes a difference on our job.

Key features :

-General ledger : As an accounting software, BS1 Accounting offers an intuitive interface that presents basic operations related to customers, invoices, payments and also reports. This classification makes the treatment easy to use for novice.

-Multi currency features : The application easily converts the default selling price into the customer’s currency. Nevertheless, the program doesn’t only initiate the transaction but also evaluate the profit or the loss from the exchange rate fluctuations.

-Invoices management : BS1 Accounting can generate extended information about your last invoices. The button « Invoices » lets you know everything about the selected invoice : the amount, its general account, the period, the vendor. Inventory can be easily done through this process.

-Reporting : Thanks to data stored on your system, you can get reports on your sales activity. Therefore, the application can be used as a dash board to make the right decision.

-Billing : the application can also be used in creating or modifying invoices. Its usefulness is much oriented in small business since such companies register small transaction.

System requirements :

-Memory : 512MB
-Processor :Pentium 200MHz
-Hard drive : 1.9 MB of available hard drive space
-Systems : The application only runs on Windows OS

Pros :

-The application is very effective since we can register every transaction without searching for the appropriate icon to click on.
-BS1 Accounting is an easy to use application.
-It is free

Cons :

-Reports resulting from the application do not necessarily present chart accordingly to International Accounting Standards.
-The application runs on limited system.
Alternative spelling: bs1sb.exe
Latest update on August 14, 2012 at 08:13 AM.
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