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Label Wizard Pro

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V3.36 (latest version)
Label Wizard Pro
Windows XP, English
Label Wizard Pro is a tool designed for printing labels. This is a helpful program since it allows the user to easily print logo or label with predefine settings.

Key features

Creation: this software is able to design different types of labels and logos. It offers multiple predefined templates. The user can automatically adapt the format of the selected sheet. The user only has to enter his personal information such as text or addresses.

Printing: after the creation, Label Wizzard Pro offers several printing methods. It is compatible with any printer and, at the same time, offers several recordable settings to avoid repetitive actions.

Editing: this program allows customizing label in several ways. It is possible to set the color of the background and change font types depending on the users' needs. It also allows importing images in BMP format.


Label Wizzard Pro keeps a history of printed labels on the hard drive of the PC.
It works with all modern printers.


Label Wizzard Pro is a shareware version that expires after 45 days of use.
It only supports BMP format for the input and the output.


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Latest update on January 30, 2015 at 02:53 AM.

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