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SMS Timer Android

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SMS Timer Android
Android - English

SMS Timer Android is an SMS scheduling application that can be used on all Androids. It helps sending messages at specific time in the future. This can be essential to remind the Smartphone owner, relatives or collaborators of a task to do. It is developed by Mobi-Moster.

Key Features

  • SMS editing: before all actions, SMS Timer Android users will have to write the message they want to send later. All edited SMSs can be viewed in queue on the main interface. They are stored securely in the database of the app.
  • Date and time selection: these sections have to be filled by the user. So then, he just needs to select the date and the time when the SMS has to be sent to a given contact. It is integrated with an internal calendar and few taps can give access to the date.
  • Sending SMS: since all SMSs are already stored on SMS Timer Android's database, sending them is performed automatically thanks to previously inserted dates. It is transferring SMS thanks to the Android's default Messaging application.


  • SMS Timer Android supports international languages.
  • It is integrated with phone contacts to facilitate sending option.
  • This tool can provide delivery reports.
  • It is free.


  • Nothing to report.
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