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RiskyProject Professional

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RiskyProject Professional
Windows XP Windows 8 - English
One can never be sure of what will happen with the business in the future. But at least, it is better to know the risk and that is why RiskyProject Professional was created.

Key features

Risk register: This option in the software allows the user to insert all the probable risks that may threat his project, the opportunities as well as the issues. Each inserted risk must be assigned with a new name.

Gantt chart: After RiskyProject Professional has calculated the different risks in the project, it displays the result in the Gantt Chart. It allows the user to see the risks and issues of his project, which are represented with different colors.

Probabilistic calendar: By using this program, the user is also offered a calendar in which all the movement of his project is placed. There, he can see the probable time and date of the beginning and the end of the project.


RiskyProject Professional enables the user to customize any properties for all projects.

It offers a risk simulation for him to better understand the process.


This is a trial version.

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Alternative spelling: RiskyProjectSetup-6.msi, RiskyProjectSetup.msi
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