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EBAS Calculator

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EBAS Calculator
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EBAS Calculator is a software created by Marcin Borkwoski which is used to balance chemical equation and stoichiometry. It allows the user to simplify the calculation process with the reagent databases.

Key features

Chemical equation: The program enables the user to create reaction equation and balance it. To do so, he needs to enter the reactants one by one. He then may enter the appropriate formula and the result will be displayed.

Calculator: EBAS Calculator is able to calculate different kind of substances like water, phosphine, calcium and so on. When there is an excess, the value or percentage is represented in red for the user to easily make the remark.

Export: The software gives a report when the calculation is done in form of report. The user may export this report into different formats like HTML, TXT, RTF or UBBC if he needs to use it in another field.


The software enables the user to print the summary of the reaction if needed.

It can be used for preparing quizzes and tests.


This is a trial version of EBAS Calculator.

Alternative spelling: EBASInstall-, EBASInstall.msi
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