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Open In RegEdit

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Open In RegEdit
Windows XP Windows 2000 - English

Open In RegEdit is an add-on that allows users to easily access Windows registry keys directly from a Web page. It is integrated to Mozilla Firefox.

Key Features

When the user needs to edit a registry key, he does not need to open the registry editor manually any longer. Browsing the registry menu to look for a specific key is no longer necessary. He can directly access to the given key from Mozilla Firefox Web page. This software also allows its user to have a view on the properties of a given registry key. It displays the number of values, eventual subkeys and the date and time of last modification. Open In RegEdit is easy to-use. The user just has to highlight the registry key displayed on the Web page and right click on it and select "Open in RegEdit".


Open In RegEdit is 100% safe. The size of the installation file is only 6.9 KB.


It only works with Firefox 2.0 to 3.6. Users of Firefox 4.0 or later release cannot fully install it.

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