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2.85 (latest version)
Windows XP Windows 2000 - English

Killcopy can copy or remove files from the computer system. Some other functions are available to enhance the whole process. It is especially destined to work on network but can operate on local drives too.

Key Features

Transfer options: thanks to this option, users can easily transfer files to and from the network. It is possible to copy and delete a given file just with right-click of the mouse. Apart from that, the progression bar on the interface can be viewed.

Speed limit: it is possible to set a boundary when it comes to the speed of the transfer of files. The traffic can be set in Kbps units. Note that this is an advance function packed with Killcopy meaning that only those having knowledge in computing can access it.

Autoresume: in case of computer crash, Killcopy can immediately reboot the copying or deleting process automatically. After that, the Turbo mode can be applied to improve the copy speed when the user is dealing with large files.


Killcopy is endowed with an intuitive interface that is available in two languages including English.

All processes can be achieved in a matter of minutes.


Nothing special to report.

Alternative spelling: KCinst.exe
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