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UPS Monitoring Software

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UPS Monitoring Software
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, English
UPS Monitoring Software is a software especially designed to monitor the uninterruptible power supply's state. It sends off an alert in case of upcoming power cut, or other critical malfunctions, and assists the user in preparing himself consequently.

Main features

Monitoring: UPS Monitoring Software allows uninterruptible power supply monitoring from a server. To retrieve informations from the equipment, it is necessary to connect it to the computer, using the RS-232 serie port.

Autmatic shutoff: While communicating with the computer, the software is able to detect a powercut. The user can specify the actions to take if such thing occurs. The user will be able to program a shutoff process of wll the computers connected to the uninterruptible power supply during a power cut.

Data collection: It is possible to connect third equipment to the software to take other settings liable to affect the uninterruptible power supply's functionning into account. The software, for example, supports weather controlers to display the temperature of the room where the equipment is installed.


UPS Monitoring Software is available in free download.


This software only functions with UPS uninterruptible power supply units.


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